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Differential cylinder pressure tester for the Rotax/Jabiru (12 mm spark plugs) and other aircraft engines (18mm spark plugs). Now you can conveniently check your engines condition, its compression (ie cracked rings sticking or damaged valves) and its leakdown rate against its built-in calibrated standard to determine your engine's cylinder leakage. Factory calibrated precision gauges matched to within +/-2%. Includes Spark Plug Adapter, 24" pressure hose, and complete instructions. Protective form-fitted hard case included. Custom import from the USA.


Rotax/Jabiru engine pressure test equipment

  • Look after your engine by checking its wellbeing with each service. Easy to use quality pressure test equipment for any aircraft engine. Connect to a compressor, set the target pressure, follow the step by step instruction and record the details in your aircraft log book. Manufactured in the USA.

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