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Our tie-down kit is a patented lightweight, high-strength, multi-purpose earth anchoring system ideal for sport aircraft. The harder the pull the more it grips the earth!

  • Convenient low-profile design
  • Ideal for temporary or long-term security
  • Easy installation and removal – no more struggling.
  • Holds up to 1000kg per two Claw® pack – more than any other system
  • Light-weight aircraft aluminum with hardened corrosion resistant spikes
  • Tremendous holding strength
  • Low profile so tire safe
  • Reduced tripping hazards
  • 3 yr. factory warranty (when used correctly).

Includes two Claw® units (one for each wing), 6 pegs, 1 hammer, 1 screw-it peg (for nose or tail use), 1 carry bag. Freight extra.

Aircraft Tie-Down Kit twin pack with carry bag

  • Ideal for all normal soil types, not suitable for rocky locations as it would be difficult to ensure spike/peg penetration, not suitable for use on sand,snow,  friable soil or verry muddy locations as the Claw needs a solid soil foundation to work correctly.

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